In this article, we will introduce whether you can pay online using Apple Pay when shopping online.

Can Apple Pay be used for online payments?

We will help you with any questions you may have, so please use this as a reference!

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Apple Pay supports online shopping (online payment)!

Apple Pay allows you to make cashless payments from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple Pay can be used for online shopping and online payments using apps.

Apple Pay allows payments using credit cards and prepaid cards that are compatible with the electronic money listed above, and if you are prepared to pay online or through an app, there is no need to enter detailed information each time you make a payment . .

List of online shopping (online payments) that support Apple Pay

Now, let’s take a look at the list of online shopping and apps that can be used with Apple Pay.

Suica Starbucks
* Charging with the app
Uber Eats JAPAN Taxi
TOHO Cinemas Delivery hall minne mercari
BASE Uniqlo G.U. giftee
Jalan NOIN pocket marche Relux
Seel SBI Insurance car insurance Yahoo! Shopping Mobaoku

As mentioned above, Apple Pay can be used at various online shops, but the main ones include Uniqlo, Starbucks, and Booking.com.

If you use Apple Pay, you can save yourself the trouble of entering your credit card information, so if you frequently use the services listed above, you may want to take this opportunity to switch to Apple Pay.

Apple Pay cannot be used for online shopping using VISA.

As of March 2020, Apple Pay does not support VISA for payments within apps or websites.

Please note that with VISA, unless you can directly charge Suica from within Apple Pay (Wallet app), you will not be able to make payments with Apple Pay using VISA even overseas.

I also tried to use my VISA card through Apple Pay, but when I tried to pay, the message “Unavailable” was displayed.

*Currently, Everyplus is no longer available.

Therefore, when using Apple Pay, it may be better to use a card other than VISA as much as possible.

How to pay online for online shopping using Apple Pay

Making online payments using Apple Pay is so easy that it’s hard to explain. All you have to do is select Apple Pay payment in each app or site and authenticate with your passcode/Touch ID/Face ID.

Now, as an example, let’s make a deposit using Apple Pay on the Starbucks app. First, open the Starbucks app, select “Pay” and tap “Deposit”.

Then tap “Apple Pay” from the bottom and select the card you want to pay with Apple Pay!

▶︎Click here for details on the benefits of using Apple Pay with your Starbucks Card!

Are smartphone payments other than Apple Pay supported for online shopping?

Now, let’s take a look at the list of online shopping that is supported by each smartphone payment method other than Apple Pay.

Usable online shop
  • PayPay Mall
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • Yahoo Auctions!
  • ebooks etc.
  • Rakuma
  • SHOPLIST.com
  • Joshin web shop
  • LINE ticket
  • manga kingdom
  • Delivery hall
  • pizza hut
  • LINE Clova etc.
  • sample department store
  • SHOPLIST.com
  • NOIN
  • air trip
  • EC current
  • I plus
  • nano universe online
  • JINS Online
  • domino pizza
  • Oisix
  • TOHO Cinemas
  • Premium Bandai
  • Mujirushi Ryohin
  • very comic
  • mobage
  • Ameba
  • manga kingdom
  • Rakuma et al.
Currently not supported
  • Amazon
  • mercari
  • AZUL
  • WEGO
  • Jetstar etc.

Currently au PAY does not support online shopping, but LINE Pay, Rakuten Pay, d Payment, etc. are compatible with a relatively large number of sites.

Some of them give you points back when you pay at online shops, so it may be a good idea to use them depending on the site that supports them.

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Summary: Use Apple Pay conveniently when shopping online!

  • Apple Pay supports some online shopping
  • It can also be used on major apps such as Uniqlo, Starbucks, and Booking.com.
  • Please note that Apple Pay cannot be used for online shopping with VISA.

As mentioned above, Apple Pay can be used for online shopping and online payments using apps.

If you prepare to make payments through online shopping or an app, you won’t have to enter your card details each time you make a payment, making your daily payments more efficient.

If you want to pay with Apple Pay even a little cheaper, we recommend using 三井住友カード, which is currently offering a 20% discount.

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